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Allowing young artists & musicians worldwide to share their gifts and talents.




Improving good will between the people of America and other countries. Developing a better understanding of cultures, music and traditions. Building Cultural Bridges










Providing financial support to orphans and other children in need, and in particular, but not by way of limitation thereof, to solicit and receive gifts, requests, trusts or otherwise and money or other property, to be used, including principal and/or income, for the exclusive benefit of orphans and other children in need.







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Golden Gates


has been building bridges across cultures through cultural exchange for more than a decade. Groups of 15 young dancers comprised of students from different countries come to the US with mission to share their culture, traditions, history and more with people in the United States. Since 2003, 30 youth groups have visited the US and shared their talent and culture with over 500,000 people. And in the next 10 years we plan to perform for over 1 million people in the US.






Golden Gates Dancers offers audiences an entertaining and authentic glimpse into Old Russia and Georgia through music, song, and dance. The repertoire is centered around masterpieces of Russian and Georgian Dance representing a diversity of cultures, ranging from gently humorous songs, to elaborate lyrical suites, to pulsating dance numbers.


The program is broad and varied, with something to appeal to everyone, including audience participation though clapping and learning Russian songs and words. Lilting balalaikas, dynamic bayan accordion, unique trashotky and loshky, humorous dances, and superb vocals combine for an exhilarating and educational performance for audiences of all ages.


The Golden Gates is group of young talented artists from Russia and Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and more. Performers are picked from Public Schools, Cultural Arts Centers, Music schools and Colleges, Dance Academies in different countries. Each upcoming Group represents culture, traditions, music and dance of their country as part of Golden Gates program in combination with Moscow Nights Trio. 

Golden Gates started to tour USA nationally since 2003. Each tour last for 4-5 weeks and covers 20-25 states.

 Golden Gates has been building bridges across cultures through music and dance for almost a decade. By introducing their culture to the American People, young cultural ambassadors get great opportunity to learn American Culture, history and people.


This particular Tour Group will be comprised of students for Russia and Georgia.  Interestingly these two represented countries are so much in the media and most in the US only know them by news reports, which predominately negative and government focused.  This is a chance for real people to meet and get a glimpse of these cultures.  Not only do the performances provide insight into these diverse cultures but there is audience participation encouraged as well as some time to explain some background as well as answer audience questions.


In many of the communities these students visit, they are hosted in local family homes.  This hosting is a learning experience for the visitors to this country as well as the Families they visit.  Years after a visit, many on both sides of the ocean remain friends through the internet.  Several of the student performers have gotten the opportunity to be exchange students.

These touring groups over the years qualify and are welcome in many school systems around the country and have performed in venues large and small across the country. 






Triangle Russian Festival


Date for the next festival will be set soon!



The Cleveland Russian Festival 

July 28-30th, 2017
Ann Arbor Russian Festival  
September 16-17, 2017
Russian Bazaar  
September 30-October 1
Maslenitza at Washington D.C.  
February 9th, 2018
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